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Packaging is an essential element of a brand's visual identity and can have a significant impact on its overall aesthetic. A well-designed package not only protects the product inside but also enhances its appeal to consumers. 

A visually appealing package can also create a memorable experience for customers, which was the exact brief we gave ourselves to create a

Welcome Kit for the F77 buyers. The kit consisted of a spare key, a polaroid of the customer with the bike, a welcome card, a get started mini manual for bike controls, dog tags and the sales agreement.




Test Rides were an important milestone in the F77 journey from drawing to reality. The first customer ride experience was held at a go-karting race track in Bangalore with the whole place set-up with Ultraviolette branding. Some details included wrist bands for the customers and their plus ones to avoid confusion in priority and 'boarding passes' for the customers who had booked their vehicle. The same boarding passes transformed into a marker for an AR filter that gave them exclusive invite for the launch event of the F77.


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