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2022 / NFT / illustration



Called the Vogue Meta-Ocean, the experience includes an above-water exploration followed by a mythical underwater world, featuring work by 24 artists including 3D digital sculptures, nominated by editorial teams from global Vogue titles including India, Australia, Mexico and Latin America, Japan and China.


The project extended into a collection of NFT artworks curated by VOGUE in partnership with TRLab released on 10th October 2022.

A Moment


NFT Collection

Oct 2022

"A moment" is a classic example of my personal work where I find inspiration from situations or moods I am going through. At an overwhelming point, taking moments to myself becomes a necessity to keep me calm and composed and figure out what to do next. A moment to the artist can sometimes look soothing, sometimes vibrant, sometimes so neutral that I cannot gauge my own feelings. But finding solace in nature, the warmth of plants and the sheer beauty of butterflies is a visual that culminates itself in mental moodboard of the perfect moment, a minute to myself.

Progress image 1_ sketch-Edit.jpg
Progress image 2_ modelling-Edit.jpg
vogue feature.jpg
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