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2022 / packaging / illustration


KFC India marked the milestone of having 600 restaurants across 150 cities, with the #KFCBucketCanvas campaign. The campaign brought together young artists from across the country to transform the iconic KFC Bucket into a canvas, presenting a unique design for every city that the brand has a presence in. 

Drawing inspiration from the art, architecture and cultural elements of different cities, these 150 limited edition designs were on display across restaurants.



Kochi is known for multiple things like the Indian naval base, Fort Kochi and it's very vibrant graffiti artworks. This piece is dedicated to the fishermen in Kochi, and the age old triangular Chinese nets that are used by the sea for everyday catch. Seafood is a staple with fish and crabs being an everyday delicacy so it only made sense to bring it all together at sea.

Kochi_AnushkaTee KFC Bucket sleeve KLD-02.png



The city of Vellore is famously known for the Vellore fort which has become a sight of tourist attraction. The ‘cup and saucer’ waterfalls make for a good backdrop to set up the Amirthi Zoological Park with. The overall theme for Vellore has been visualised as a mixture of nature and historical attractions.

Vellore_AnushkaTeeKFC Bucket sleeve KLD-02.png



Chennai as a city is right at the coast and has a very active beach culture. The Karl Schmidt memorial and lighthouse makes for a relatable cultural visual.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Chennai also happens to be the Chennai central railway station. The old british architecture and red and white colours make for a beautiful building associated with Chennai. On a more local level, the green and yellow bus is very intrinsic to the city transport of Chennai.
The bus as background for the illustration represents it as the backbone of the city.

Chennai_AnushkaTeeKFC Bucket sleeve KLD-04.png



For Coimbatore, more popularly known as Kovai by the locals, The Times of India's music video called Kovai Gethu by Hiphop Tamizha serves as a great reference to the visual tonality of the city. The music video is a perfect ode to the city . Some of the prevalent visuals were the farmlands, the windmills and of course the hard to miss TVS XL scooter, which vendors use to carry big banana stems with bunches of bananas.

Coimbatore_AnushkaTeeKFC Bucket sleeve KLD-02.png
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