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2018 / experience design / illustration / AR / grad project

JUNKIE bg.png

Junkie is a multi-sensory experience that represents the modern Glutton. It is a satirical commentary on society's ridiculous obsession with food and how we glorify this addiction. Through the medium of Augmented Reality, the project aims to critique and activate a self-reflection in the viewer's mind about their own over-consumption of food in the modern world of visual hunger and easy accessibility in the current Indian context. A scenario where people’s consumption habits are exponentially rising with increasing spending power and proving to be disastrous for the overall health of the people.

AR Activation

All the illustrations used in the set-up as coasters, packaging, plates, magnets had an AR layer that could be scanned on the Artivive app and played around with as they showed a message in motion reflecting ideas of gluttony.
JUNKIE Illustrations-07.png
Simple A4 Flyer Poster Mockup.jpg
Sticker Mockup for Photoshop - Vol 1.jpg

The Junkie Room was inspired by Mad Hatter's tea party table from 'Alice in Wonderland'. The involvement of all five senses in this spatial concept captivates people through psychedelic music, trippy projection of motion graphics, food smells, actual food to be consumed with commentary to read, and also the interactive AR illustrations in the set-up. 


There was also a small self-reflection activity to be done in the room with project giveaways in the form of Fridge Magnets. All of these elements led to people spending a long time in the space discussing their consumption habits with me and with each other. 


Awards bagged

design awards 2019_finalist badge.png

NASSCOM Design for India Finalist

for Spatial Experience Design 2019

ADI Experiential Design Award at

Pune Design Fest 2020


Most Outstanding Project Award and Academic Excellence Award, Pearl Academy 2019


Taiwan International Student Design Competition Finalist 2020

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