Adobe commissioned me to create an illustration as a Creative Influencer for the month of October 2020 around the theme of 'Spooky' and the brief was to create something in my style using Adobe Dimension, without making it too morbid. This illustration was for their Instagram channel @adobedesign for an artist row takeover.

Adobe website presentation-02.png

The ideation process lasted a few weeks with me drawing inspiration from my fav pop culture movies as well as some irrational fears that have been a part of my childhood.


Bottom left was inspired by the twins from Stanley Kubrik's 'The shining'

Bottom right was a fragment from one of my worst fears as a child, being attacked by sharks and crocodiles in a swimming pool.

Sketchbook MockUp PSD.png
Sketchbook MockUp PSD2.png

The mood board was created to set a base for the colours and lighting I would be using in my composition after one of the ideas was selected for the final illustration- 'The Shining twins' with a twisted narrative of them playing in a whimsical dollhouse that would give a very Alice in wonderland aesthetic.

Adobe website presentation-11.png

The first round of renders didn't quite evoke the feeling we wanted for the concept, with the colours being too dark and the addition of some insects making it look creepy instead of spooky. The entire illustration had to be tweaked in a different direction while still keeping the main focus on the twins.


It was also imperative to keep the illustration engaging in 3 parts as they would be posted on Instagram as 3 different posts

to make up on big picture on the profile feed.

Adobe website presentation-03.png
Adobe website presentation-04.png

The final Illustration was created in landscape as well as portrait mode to fit the horizontal row takeover on Instagram and fit the Instagram Story dimensions. 

Adobe website presentation-06.png
Adobe website presentation-07.png
Adobe website presentation-05.png
Adobe website presentation-10.png